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Resilience Festival!

By April 27, 2018Uncategorized



This hands on and interactive workshop will have you ready for real world emergencies both big and small. Attendees will have a chance to physically build their preparedness bag in the workshop and learn what is needed and what is NOT needed in the real world. Bring your current bag to optimize, elements of your bag, or select the bag and gear you need! Jordan Wilkie, a local first responder, Red Cross worker, and disaster manager will go over the emergency preparedness basics, discuss scenarios using your Go-Bag and provide not only information, but access to carefully sourced emergency preparedness supplies so that people taking this course leave knowing they have accomplished a higher level of resilience.

Our special guests from Berkey Safe Water Alberta will be joining us to answer questions on water needs during emergencies.

For more details go to https://www.edmontonresiliencefestival.com/