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Partnership with Gramma Bee’s Honey

By January 26, 2017Uncategorized


In an emergency you will need high energy foods to keep you moving and helping!

Honey does not expire. Keep it in the FlashKit as long as needed and use it on our all natural crackers (shelf life of 5 years) to keep your energy levels high! We partnered with Gramma Bee’s to give you the highest quality honey on the market! They have sourced a 350g easy squeeze bottle just for our application!

Gramma Bee’s is providing the FlashKit with all-natural, unprocessed, raw, Canadian honey!

Gramma Bee’s has not been pasteurized. Pasteurization is the process of heating a product for a set amount of time before immediately cooling in order to kill off microbial growth in food. The problem with pasteurizing honey is that the live yeast and enzymes in honey are very beneficial to your health.

Why honey over sugar?

Beside the fact that honey does not go bad, unlike other sugars, honey is anabolic, medicinal, antiseptic, easy on your blood sugar levels, easier on the liver, and has many healing effects. While refined sugars offer no nutritional value and gives you an energy crash that would be detrimental in any emergency situation.

Flashover is proud to offer you the best and Gramma Bee’s was an easy choice!