The System

Membership Includes:

The ability to help members of your community

Empowering meaningful change around you

The tools to become a role model in your neighbourhood

Connection to our Neighbourhood Mapping System (NMS)

Radio network to communicate in an emergency

State of the art emergency preparedness tools

Access to important Flashover videos and teachings

Up to date information and emergency warnings

Access and discounts to new tools and preparedness updates

Opportunity to achieve important badges and recognition for heroic deeds

Access to events and inspiring workshops in your area

The FlashKit

The FlashKit includes:

Crank and Solar Power Pack to charge USB devices including your cell phone.

If reception is down the UHF Communication Radio has NOAA weather channel and can communicate to other members and even emergency services.

The 950lumens Waterproof Tactical Flashlight with SOS and Strobe function is USB chargeable and is strong enough to literally turn night into day.

A Quick Connect Water Filtration Straw will keep you confident in your water supply

The 32gig USB Stick holds important files, photos, etc. so you won’t be scrambling to protect your documentation and memories.

Top of the line 1st Aid & Rescue Gear will allow you to help yourself and those around you in case of injury.

Thermal space blanket to keep you warm.

Emergency Food is long lasting (5 years +) and will give you crucial energy to keep moving and helping.

The Arc Lighter is state of the art USB chargeable, wind, cold and rain resistant and will let you ignite kindling, candles and more.

Personal Protection Equipment such as breathing masks and safety glasses are top of the line and ready to keep you safe so you can help others.

The Flashover multitool will give you a trusted knife, can opener, and other tools at your fingertips.

Multiple (3)  illumination & Sound Detection Tools will allow you to signal for help and light your way.

super hook so you can hang your FlashKit anywhere..

 1 year free membership to FLASHOVER and comes complete with information regarding what other items to add (eg: clothing & work-gloves that fit you just right, etc.) to optimize the kit for your needs. Giving you generic sized items is in-efficient and can be dangerous in an emergency.