by First Responders and Emergency & Disaster Management Professionals

As you know from current events, large emergencies are affecting more and more people at an alarming rate. Often we are left with only seconds to react with almost no support from government agencies that have been pushed to their limit.

As we have seen in wildfire disasters that have affected Alberta, BC, and California or the growing seasonal devastation from hurricanes on the East Coast: 
it is our neighbours that have the ability to help one another.

There are heroes all around us… Members of the community ready to make a difference. The Flashover membership and tools connect us and together we are prepared to protect, rescue and support one another.

Get INFORMED of hazards before they hit
Keeping your family and neighbourhood PREPARED

Get the TOOLS and your FLASHKIT to move quickly
Empowring you to ACT in any emergency situation

Get CONNECTED with other members
Creating a community force of goodwill

Join these Flashover Members
Strengthen your Community

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